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Wedding Djs in Greece

Dj AthensWedding Djs in Greece
Dj AthensWedding Djs in Greece

Wedding Djs in Greece

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Are you planning your wedding in Greece? Make the best choice for your Wedding Dj

  • The best choice for a destination wedding is Greece and the best Djs are here!
  • Plan your wedding with us in Athens or greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Zante.
  • Professional Dj services & lighting.
  • Make your dream wedding in Greece and dance to the vibes of the Dj Athens Djs!
  • We specialize in international & destination weddings, we also provide the best audio and lighting equipment for your wedding reception in Greece...
  • Throughout the year, especially in summer time we travel around Greece for Destination Wedding Receptions.
  • We are planning together your wedding party so it can be the best day of your life. Customize your own desires with our experience and get the perfect result!

Wedding Djs in Santorinini, Mykonos, Paros and many other beautiful destinations in Greece!

Dj Athens Djs

  • Dj Nikos Zampetas & and his colleagues from the group of Dj Athens Djs, are well trained in many different types of modern and retro music.
  • We can respond to any of your wishes so the wedding party you' ve planned in Greece is unique!
  • We accept playlist from you, and we also recommend based on our experience, songs that excite your guests and keep the dance floor full all night!
Short Bio

Nikos Zampetas began the first steps in djing at the age of 18 years playing music in neighborhood bars, soon switched to big clubs in Athens and the Greek islands. The first bookings for private parties and wedding receptions took place in 1999 - 2000.

From then until now, he has traveled throughout Greece and many countries in Europe to offer his services as Wedding Dj.

"The Destination International Wedding Receptions is what intrigues me most because you have the chance to meet different cultures and traditions, but in the end you see that all joins a common thing... the music and the party" there are some things that Nikos had told in an interview from a magazine about International Weddings in Greek islands.