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Dj AthensTeam
Dj AthensTeam

Meet our Djs! DJ Athens Team

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Nikos Zampetas

  • Nikos Zampetas began the first steps in Djing at the age of 18 playing music in neighborhood bars, he soon switched to big clubs in Athens and the Greek islands. The first bookings for private Parties and Wedding Receptions took place in 1999 - 2000.
  • From then until now, he has travelled throughout Greece and many countries in Europe to offer his services as Wedding Dj.
  • "The Destination International Wedding Receptions is what intrigues me the most because you have the chance to meet different cultures and traditions, but at the end you see that all joins a common thing ... the music and the party" There are some things that Nikos had told in an interview from a magazine about International Weddings in Greek islands
  • Dj Nikos Zampetas & and his colleagues from the group of Dj Athens Djs are well trained in many different types of modern and retro music. We can respond to any of your wishes so the wedding party you' ve planned in Greece to be unforgettable! We accept playlist from you, and we also recommend based on our experience songs that excite your guests and keep the dancefloor full all night.
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Dimitris Mentzelos

  • Dimitris Mentzelos from the band Imiskoumbria (famous hip hop band in Greece) gave us the honor to cooperate with our company as a guest DJ in the events we carry out either they are Wedding Receptions, Prive Parties or Corporate Events.
  • Dimitris is specialized in the 80s or 90s, Rock parties and of course in RnB and Hip-Hop rhythms and electrifies your guests with Live MC Performing.
  • So are you thinking about turning your wedding into a crazy party that will never be forgotten by you or your guests? Are you thinking of organizing a corporate event with a lot of dancing? Dimitris is exactly what you are looking for.
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Ioannis Rigakis

  • John Rigakis stands out for his excellent musical choices to Wedding Receptions whether it is music from the 80s, 90s, 60s or music from today such as EDM, RnB, Pop, Rock.
  • John is an integrated Wedding Dj. He came across our company in 2013, having before us many appearances as a Dj to bars / clubs in Athens and the Greek Islands such is Creta, Mykonos, Santorini.
  • “ I enjoy to play music for couples that want to have just a great party at their Wedding, and when I say (Great), I mean Dancing all night long! When I say (just) I mean that we can live out the formalities of the night and just Party!”
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Dj Kostas Felekidis

  • Κostas joined the team of the Dj Athens 2013 having on his resume many collaborations with clubs and wedding venues in Athens and much experience in destination wedding parties throughout Greece especially in Santorini, Mykonos and many others greek islands.
  • Kostas characterized by courtesy and impeccable cooperation with the intending couples who expect a man who will reassure them and eliminates any stress as reference the musical director of the wedding reception.
  • He specializes in mainstream weddings containing many genres and can cope equally well to that kind of music you choose for your wedding reception.
  • So are you considering a wedding that will cover all of your guests tastes and yours; Kostas is the Dj you would like on your wedding!
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Dj FastBr3AK (Aris Paradeisas)

  • After acquiring a big experience as a professional DJ in Greece and Cyprus, DJ FastBr3ak completes our team and adds a more “fresh” concept in the events that our company assumes.
  • Do you want to dance till dawn in mainstream, EDM, Pop, RnB, Rock, 90s, Funky rhythms?
  • Aris (DJ FastBr3ak) will achieve it for sure! Either it is a Private party, a Corporate Event, a kids’ party or any other circumstance that demands a DJ.

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